When we can't change our circumstances, we must change our mind...

Published on 25 September 2022 at 10:54

When we can't change your circumstances, we must change our mind...by Patricia Ann  Sept. 24, 2022

Sometimes we become overwhelmed in life's circumstances and we feel like we are stuck. We can only think of what went wrong and we begin to cycle in "why and how did this happen". This cycle can last for a day, a week, month or even years. And the longer it lasts, the stronger and more real the bad circumstances seem to become.  

Too often, we need help and we reach out to people who misunderstand, or don't care about our circumstance and then we feel rejected and alone. 

I know this very well because it happened to me. I was going along feeling great and suddenly, my world turned upside down. 

Then, I did what I should not have done. I put my eyes and my thoughts on my circumstance to find answers. I had to know "why and how" this happened.  I was so happy and then suddenly so sad.

We've probably all experienced different levels of this. Life changing events happen every day.

Ultimately, it is what we do with our thoughts and our focus that will lead us to a mindful recovery and quick return to a joyful life. 

So, just a few days ago...in a quiet and still moment, I received this word.

"When you can't change your circumstances, change your mind."

And that made me think.  For several years, I had allowed myself to be stuck in my circumstances to the point of self declaring that I would never get out of the mess that I beleived I was in.

Oh, I didn't turn away from God during this time and I prayed and cried out to God plenty of times.  And Jesus always came to meet me.  Sometimes, He came to me in a moment and I knew He was right there with me, as I suddenly felt His calm assurance.  Sometimes, He came to me in a word from a stranger, a caring gesture, or even in the beauty of creation as He sent me eagles to remind me of His promise to raise me up on wings like an eagle. 

And as many times as my Lord picked me up, I am guilty and repentant that I turned back to look at my circumstance and focus on the "why and how" of my life turning upside down previously. 

The truth is, I have been totally responsible for being stuck in my circumstance... because I did not let go of the pain. I continued to seek answers to my circumstances that turned my world upside down. 

In the years that I struggled, my circumstances didn't change and in many ways got worse.

But, my Jesus never left me. He has been my forever best friend, always whispering the truth to me.  And as I listened to the screams of lies and misconceptions of why I didn't have what I wanted, or who I wanted in this world or why it all didn't work out, I can stand and declare that we can and must change our mind! 

In the midst of every circumstance we must choose to change our mind for the better...to look forward to better days ahead and be willing to release the pain and rejection that becoming lost in our circumstances brings.

You see, our world never turned upside down. In our circumstances, our thoughts and focus turned upside down.

Our Jesus continues to stay by our side through it all.  As we turn to Him and release all of our circumstances to Him, He will take away the pain of the circumstances and remove the trauma and infirmity that holding onto the past brings. 

It is Jesus who loves us the Most!

The hand of Jesus picks us up and sets us on our feet.

The love of Jesus changes our mindset and in accepting  that...Jesus changes our circumstances for good.  

He tells us in Jeremiah 29:11. "I know the plans I have for you...plans to prosper you and not to harm you...plans for a hope and a future."

My prayer for today is that when we find ourselves in circumstances that are overwhelming and hard to understand...may we change our mind and our focus to Jesus.  In Him, we will find rest and comfort. In Him, we find shelter in the storm. 

I know that releasing the pain of overwhelming circumstances is difficult, but it is necessary to change our mind and put our focus back to the One who loves us the Most.

May we reach up and grab hold of the life that we have been created to live.  After all, our Father in Heaven has always known us and anointed us to be His glory carriers. 

May we step up and grasp His truth and love and share how we overcome and share our own circumstances to give hope and salvation to others who are hurting.  There truly is always hope for a better tomorrow! 

When we can't change our circumstances...we must change our mind!

Love and blessings to all in Jesus' name. Amen. 




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