The sunrise and the sunset....Psalm 97:6

Published on 4 February 2024 at 22:24

Written by Patricia Howard Peterson Feb. 4, 2024

 “The heavens proclaim his righteousness, and all peoples see his glory” (Psalm 97:6).

In the sunrises and the sunsets and moments in between,  He gently calls my come and sit awhile with Himself. 

He gives to me precious moments to experience a refreshing of my soul. 

As I rise early in the morning and the sunlight is filtered through the curtains, into my previously darkened room, I find myself seeking His face in the outdoor light, in the presence of His beautiful morning painted sky. Pink and orange hues fill the vastness of the sky and in its entirety,  I see His artistry. 

The sky is the canvas for His great hand, as He lovingly displays his gentle nudging for me to begin my day in His presence... moment by moment. 

"Here I am, my Lord, soaking in Your essence,  Your love. Let me, Lord, go and share You today..."

As the day sometimes brings moments of unintended adversity amidst the glory moments, at times, I  struggle to find my way back unto Himself, even momentarily.

Then suddenly,  He speaks and moment by moment, I know in my heart that He has never left my side. 

It is me that loses the tranquility that His presence always brings.  

In the evening, once again, I find myself drawn to the outdoors, as the sun slowly sets in the Western sky.  My Lord is there, painting once again, on His canvas. I find, in the vastness of the colorful sky, that  my Lord has captured my heart and calmed my soul and thrilled me with an intensity in the picture that He has so effortlessly produced.  The beautiful bright sunlight fading within a glorious array of color.  There is such a bold  outstretching of hot pink and purple and dark blue, and yellow and orange and a rainbow of colors in between.  His Majesty has thrilled my soul, bringing to me a calm assurance that no matter what the day has brought,  those moments of questioning,  the why and how things happen as they do...and I momentarily stop and think.

"Did I share You today, my Lord?"

Did I speak Your name and declare your love showing who You are in me?"

And then, my Lord tells me... with the setting of the sun in the evening sky, that once again everything is all right.  He is in control of my days and my nights. He is in control of His Creation.  

All I need to do is enjoy Himself and His Creation, as much as Himself enjoys me...a part of His Creation.  And, I know that my Lord is Glory, and my Lord is Love and my Lord contains all Joy. 

In the sunrises and the sunsets and moments in between, as He gently calls my come and sit awhile with Himself,  I eagerly desire to do so... to be at home with my Lord in His Creation, as part of His Creation.

My prayer for today is that we all take the time to spend a moment in the sunrise and in the sunset with our Lord. May we let His great handiwork and artistry thrill our soul and know that everything is okay.  We love because His love is the essence of Creation and we are His creation.  

Love and Blessings to everyone, in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen. 

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