Published on 13 June 2024 at 00:59

Written by Patricia Ann 

I am blessed to see Heaven's sunsets open wide in a vast array of color across the evening sky.

As I bask in the beauty, I feel the vibrancy in the colorful sunsets, as they tell a story of yet another day coming to a close.

Sometimes the sky is marked with jet streams and clouds.  Sometimes it is just a brilliant blue.  The brilliant brightness and warmth of the sun lure me outside to experience nature's sights and sounds. 

The birds are in an endless song, singing praises all the day long.  It is music to my ears and I know that God is very pleased as they never tire of singing their tune. 

As evening comes, I see the miracle of colors blending.  Moment by moment the picture is  changing right before my eyes. 

It is truly amazing to watch, as

the Heaven's declare the Glory of God's fine artwork. 

God's  fine handiwork blesses us at the end of each day. It's an ongoing promise that never goes away.

My prayer for today is that with our eyes we see the colors in the sky and feel with our heart the vibrancy of love and color blended into sunsets that are a gift from our Father in Heaven. 

May we not forget to thank Him for each sunrise and each sunset and all the colors in between. 

Creation is His masterpiece. 

We, too, are colorful pieces of His creation.  We are each created in the essence and vibrancy of Love, His heart in creation...

As God is love, so we also love. 

Blessings to all in Christ Jesus. Amen

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