Doing All Things Through Christ Who Is Our Strength Phillipians 4:13

Published on 8 July 2024 at 01:05

Written by Patricia Ann.     7/7/24

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me...

Phillipians 4:13



We all go through life meeting challenges and difficult times. 

Jesus said it would be this way!

And of course, Jesus knows about the troublesome times that we will face.  

Jesus met with ridicule, unbelief, mocking, hatred, lies, rejection and ultimately, He experienced gruesome physical pain unto death on the Cross at Calvary.

We don't hear much about the mental anguish that Jesus must have gone through, but we know that He did.  We read in Scripture that Jesus would go and sit alone with His Father in prayer. It was important for Jesus to stay focused on His Father and His purpose here in this world, which is to bring us into relationship with Himself and ultimately with God.  The devil came to tempt Jesus three times, and each time Jesus replied with the words, "It is written..." and the devil left. 

We also have authority through Jesus to use Scripture to send the enemy away. In fact, we need to! 

But, how often are we just to filled with anxiety, overwhelmed and filled with fear?  

It happens to all of us.  It even happened to the disciples! Remember, they were afraid of the storm when they were in the fishing boat?  They awoke Jesus and He rebuked the storm. 

When Jesus died on the Cross, He didn't remain dead!  The power of His resurrection is still alive today. And we can tap into the power of Jesus Christ and receive strength to rebuke our circumstances, call on Jesus and live! 

Yes!  We can do all things through Jesus Christ Who gives us strength! 

Imagine for a moment that Jesus is right beside you.  You see him. His smile is so loving and friendly and His demeanor is calm and inviting.  You feel like you can tell him anything and  it will be okay. 

And when we seek Jesus, we find Him. He's always close by listening for our cry, our whisper or even our scream.  He knows our situation and He will help us.  He will provide the strength and assurance that we need to rise up above our circumstances and stand victorious.  

What Jesus has done for others, He will also do for us.  Jesus doesn't turn anyone away!  We can't be too young or too old, too skinny or too fat, too smart or too dumb.  Jesus only calls us to be obedient to seek Him and accept Himself into our heart and our situation.  Scripture tells us that His yoke is easy and His burden is light.  Therefore, we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us when we are equally yoked with our Savior.  

Jesus loves us the most!  All the cruely that Jesus endured on the way to the cross was for you and me.  Jesus love and compassion never fails when He sees us having difficult times.  He's been there!  And death didn't hold him! He arose and through Jesus love and strength we also rise up. 

My prayer for today is that we do not fear when difficulty arises and life's storms seem too rough.   May we call out to our Lord, Jesus Christ and receive our strength,  His strength, through us! As we move forward in faith and confidence, may we always know that Jesus' resurrection has also made us victorious. Praise Him! Praise Him!  Jesus is our Blessed Redeemer! 

Love and blessings to all in Christ Jesus. Amen. 





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