God's Creation...Our gift...The Beauty of this Earth

Published on 27 December 2021 at 14:52

God's Creation...Our gift...The Beauty of this Earth   Patricia Ann, Originally posted Monday, June 20, 2011 

I was sitting outside today talking with a friend about the wondrous glory of God. 
My friend and I have lengthy conversations about our Father in Heaven, His love and plans for each of us to live fruitful lives filled with goodness, truth, honesty, peace, joy and love, etc.
I had been thinking for several days about the beauty of the earth and the wondrous creations made by Gods hand that surround us each and every day.
Are we just too busy to see the beauty?
Too caught up in our own or others peoples problems or drama? 
Maybe we are hard hearted and see no beauty at all in life due to illness, a loss or financial woes.

But as my friend and I sat talking... for a split second of time... I experienced a reprieve from our conversation and received a joyful gift from God.

A dragonfly flew right in front of me and sat briefly on my fingertip.
My voice was stilled as I turned all of my attention to this beautiful insect.   
You see dragonflies are one of my favorite insects.
They are so delicately made.
Their head seems to be held on by a tiny thread and yet dragonflies have such an ability to turn their head and examine their surroundings intently.
Their wings are equally delicately made and allow this insects the ability to hover and fly very quickly from place to place.
I was eager to gaze upon this beauty of nature, this wondrous creation that God made.

But just as I fixed my eyes to gaze intently on its beauty, it turned its head, lifted its wings and flew away.
My heart sank for a second and then I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that it was a wonderful blessing from God!!
How often does a person get to experience the soft touch of a dragonfly lighting on a fingertip?
I could feel all six feet of this little insect as it held on to my finger.
I wondered, was it gazing as intently on my face as I was on it? 
We live in a world that has recently undergone tragic devastation in the form of violent tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc. We have suffered losses of homes, belongings, and life. 
But in the midst of all the chaos that nature brings,
God's beautiful creation still exists in the form of a single dragonfly, so delicately made
or in millions of other creations that we take for granted every day. 
The beauty on this earth is one of God's many gifts to us.
We are meant to share this beauty with those we love,
to share the beauty of God's creation with wonder in our eyes,
joy on faces and happiness in our hearts. 
Do we sometimes  fail to see the beauty that God has provided for us because we are lost and searching?
Are we searching for the fulfillment of a God we do not yet know, but feeling the void inside our hearts?
We all seek companionship to know someone deeply and to be known deeply in return.
We seek someone here on earth ( our partner or helpmate in this life) to share with.
We seek intimacy and we seek beauty. 
We seek to share the beauty of this earth with another human being, because when it is shared it seems to take on more meaning, more joy and more happiness.
God's wondrous, beautiful creation is more fulfilling and beautiful when shared with those we love... because that is part of His plan for us as His treasured children. 
In His love for us, He created beauty for each of us and in each of us to be shared. 
Many years ago when I was searching,  I wrote this poem:
Do You Ever... 
Do you ever feel sad and lonely
with a deep hole in your heart
yearning for that one person
that you know is out there
that one person who can fill you up inside
and make you whole and complete?
Do you ever want to hold someone
all through the night
and hear the softness of their breathing
as you feel the rise and fall of their chest
as you lay your head against them?
Do you ever feel so lonely that
you could die
and you just sit and cry
yearning for soft sweet lips to touch yours
and tell you everything will always be alright?
Do you ever just need for someone to recognize that you exist
to want to spend time with you
and laugh and love and share the tenderest of moments?
did you ever want to enjoy sunsets and sunrises
with that one person who fills you up inside
because everything you share with that one special person
is enhanced by the love that you share?
did you ever yearn to look into that someone's eyes
and see love looking back at you...
a love just as intense as the love you feel for them?
did you ever yearn for happiness every single day,
and a life void of negativity and spitefulness and ridicule?
did you every want to just experience love so intensely
that you feel like you could explode with fulfillment?
did you ever yearn for someone you could trust
with your emotions, your deepest feelings, your dreams
and your life,
knowing that whatever you feel and tell this person will always be all right?
did you ever yearn for someone to spend your whole life with
enjoying all the little things...
like birds and butterflies~
and ants busily walking along in a line~
and the sound of tree leaves rustling in the wind~
or the sound of an eagles cry as he soars
so high in the sky?
did you ever yearn for someone to share
all the beauty of life with...
a child' s newborn cry~
and the cheerful laugh of a toddler as he learns a new task?
there is so much good in the world
that is overshadowed by the bad.
did you ever just yearn for that one special person that is out there
to share the good times
and hold you through the bad~
someone who is sunshiny and bright and filled with love and light~
someone to fill your days and nights with happiness and joy?
I yearned for someone special
that special someone to fill me up inside
and spend time with me in the day and in the night.
copyright 2010 P. Howard 
My friends, It is ultimately the love of Jesus as our Savior that we yearn for to give us the inner joy and fulfillment

that we need.
It is in His love and through His love that we are able to experience the sharing and the joy of another person. 
Our Father in heaven designed us to seek partnerships, intimacy and sharing of His wondrous world. 
It is through sharing His love - that is indwelled in each of us as His children that we teach our own children the beauty of this earth, the beauty of relationships, and give glory to God.
I thank God, my Father in Heaven for the beautiful gifts He has given to us on this earth - from tiny dragonflies... to the sound of an eagles cry or the a toddlers laughter... to the sound of a trickling stream or ocean waves.
It is the beauty He instilled in each of us that wakes us up to see the beauty of this earth -- His true gift of creation. 
And how blessed we are when we yearn for, ask and receive that someone special, our earthy partner, our helpmate, friend or child to share this wonderful life!
How blessed we are to have someone with us to take the time to focus if even for a second on the true beauty of His creation for each of us.

My prayer for today is that every day we seek beauty on this earth, in the sky, on the ground or in your partner,

friend or child.
We are all a part of His creation and so often the beauty is left unseen as the busyness of life creeps in and takes hold of what we see and hear.  Let us open our eyes and ears and hear what He has to offer us and truly experience His gifts every day. 
In His glorious name, Amen.

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