The Father's love..."What man of you..."

Published on 15 January 2022 at 18:37

The Father's love..."What man of you..." Luke 15:4

Patricia Ann, originally posted March 2017

Imagine you are standing face to face with Jesus.  He has a job opportunity for you.
He believes you are perfect for the job and He is eager to hear your answer.
Wow!  Who wouldn't jump at  the chance to do a job for Jesus. Right?
Well Jesus says, "Before you say yes, I would like to explain what this job entails.
It isn't going to be easy, but I remember that day when you came to me and told me that you would do anything I ask, go anywhere I ask and all I had to do was to let you know. You said Here I am Lord. Do you remember that day?"
"Um well yes, I do. I do remember.  I had tears in my eyes and I could feel your presence so strong all around me.  It was that day when my life was changed forever.  It was that day, Jesus, when I no longer mattered, but you did.  That day I understood what it meant when you died on the cross for me.  It was that day when I said ,'Here I am Lord' that I felt a great release as you took my selfish selfish desires, my need to maintain control of my life and my surroundings. It was that day that I knew I would never be the same again.  It was that day that I began to change. I sought your Word. I hungered for your gifts, your knowledge and I began to learn what unconditional love was all about." 
"Okay my child, let me tell you about this job opportunity.  It isn't a job that just anyone can do.  For this job you have to be qualified.  If you have ever  experienced rejection, pain, or torment, you qualify.  Also, you have to have experienced guilt, shame, poverty, and the struggles of a broken heart... and the loss of a loved one.  For this position you must have lived through these situations and looked to Me for help, exercising faith and confidence that it would someday be okay.  For this position you do have to know love, My heart and My love for all of My creation."
"Yes, Jesus. I believe I do qualify for this position.  I am willing.  Will you tell me now ...What is this job?"
"Thank you, my child. I want you to know that you will be rewarded for your obedience. I want you to know that this job will test everything you have ever known to be true and real. It will test your heart, your devotion to me, your life and health will be affected in a great way. You will be sick, your physical body weakened from attack and intense emotional pain.  You will cry, mourning what once was and wishing you hadn't accepted this job.   By the time it is over you will even begin to question why I allowed these things to happen to you. You will question if this job is the one I sent to you or if it has been sent by Satan himself to destroy you and secretly take you from Me. 
I want to tell you that I want you to never take your eyes off of Me.  Before this job comes to you, you will experience many trials.  You will overcome all that is put before you, learning as you go.  Know, my child, that this is your training for the time to come for the job I have for you.  The time must be right, however, and I want to make sure that you are willing and ready to take on this assignment.  There are three things I want you to remember. Love and don't waste time.  If it isn't good is isn't from God and Be ready not recognized.  You must remember these truths and they will help you as you proceed to the end of the assignment."
"Wow, Jesus. This sounds serious.  I don't know if I can do it.  I try hard to stay healthy and I am devoted to you. Really I am, BUT what could be so important that you would have me go through torment and pain in serving you?"
Jesus asks, "Do you love me?"
"Yes Jesus.  I love you."
'Do you love your brothers and sisters?'
"Yes Jesus.  I do."
"Do you love those whom you do not know?"
'Well, yes. I believe I do."
"Do you even love those who are condemned in this world, those who are rejected, hurting, forgotten and broken, or even those those who have committed sins even as bad as murder?"
"Well, yes Jesus. You tell us that we should 
love everyone so I do."
"I want you to know that before this assignment I will rain my love down upon you and there will  moments that this love is all that you have to cling to.  It will be all that makes sense to you when it seems your world is falling apart."
"But what could be so important that you would need me for this job?  How can it be that i can help in such dire circumstances?"
"My child, it isn't what could be so important, It is who is so important.
You see, I love my creation.  I love my children, each and every one. 
And I have a child who is very dear to my heart who is struggling severely and I need you to go and get him and bring him back to me."
"Well, that's simple Jesus.  Why did you make it sound so hard?'
"It will be hard because sometimes Satan has control of his mind.  He is what I talk about as double minded.  His heart is for me, but his mind is conflicted and this child of mine is suffering from confusion, rejection and so much brokenness.  If he doesn't get help soon, I may lose him forever and I seek to bring my children back to me. I tell you, it isn't an easy job. I do not know how long it will last. It may be a very long time...years.  Or it may be a matter of weeks or months. There will  be a battle for this mans soul. You will learn as you go.  You will see things you never dreamed of will have dreams and visions and these are My way of guiding you in this journey.  Pay attention and heed My words when I give them to you.  Do not ever be afraid to speak My words and do not fear the enemy.  Satan and his demons are required to retreat when My name is spoken.  They flee at my Word. 
You will often feel extremely rejected and unloved, but know in your own heart that these are lies of the enemy.  Keep moving forward knowing that each step forward and each battle pushes the enemy back and works to set My dear one free. As Satan whispers lies in his ears, it is you who will declare the truth, but don't expect immediate understanding. My child has been blinded and deafened to My word.  He will fight you...cut you with words and he will hate you.  But remember, I tell you that this child is captive and truly has a God heart.  He knows me, but his mind belongs to Satan at this time.  
Are you willing my child to do this job?  I do call many, but so few answer the call.  I wish I could say that this will  be easy for you  but surely it will not. Know, however, that in the end, you will triumph and My name will be glorified as My child is set free, regains his sight and hears My words, as if he has just awakened from deep sleep. You will bring this lost child to Me and I will accept him as I have missed him so very much."
I tell you, " The heavens will rejoice and you will find My reward. 
I cannot tell you exactly when this assignment will start or when it will end. All I can say is remember what I have told you and be ready.  
Remember the unconditional love that I have shown you and know that I am never further than your prayer to Me.  I will send My angels to watch over you and keep you in all your ways." 
I ask you again. "Do you love you neighbor, your brother, your sister?"
"Yes, Jesus. As you have loved me, I also will love them.
I love you Jesus and I will do this job for you.
How will I know when it is time?"
"You will know because I will bond you to this person. In the beginning, you will recognize each other as if you have know one another forever...for all time.  You will have great love for one another and you will need to rely on this love that is shown you in the beginning, so that you will make it to the end.  You see, this one that you love so much will turn against you, but you keep loving him. I have trained you already for this battle in your previous trials.  You will use the past experience that you gained to set our loved one free. When it is over you will experience the love that you both saw in the beginning.  Then you both will embark in a new beginning... walking hand in hand in the ministry for which you both have always been called. "  
Imagine that his happens to you.   You have this conversation with Jesus.
What would your answer be?  Would you enter into this assignment to save your family member, friend or even a complete stranger?
Do you really love your neighbor unconditionally and enough to put your own life on the line to save another persons soul?
Scripture tells us:  "What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?" Luke 15:4 (KJV)
Our Father in Heaven calls us into action here in this world in order to make sure that not even one of His sheep remains lost.
The above story is real. It is the story of how our Father called one woman to action to save a child dear to of His lost ones.
Yes, it was confusing and painful, tormenting and rejecting and at times she just wanted to run far away from the circumstances that she was experiencing.
However, every time she wanted to run away, God stopped her and gave her strength and new understanding to go on.

Eventually, this dear child of God (her assignment) was set free from the bondage and captivity that had his soul conflicted. It was approximately 6 years. 
Her testimony:  All I can say is, "Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to be a part of this man's journey to you. Thank you, Jesus, for trusting me and for all that I have learned. Thank you, Jesus, for picking me up and setting me back on my feet so many times. Thank you, Jesus, for showering me with your beautiful love in the beginning of my journey, so that I could make it to the end. And thank you, Jesus, for this ministry for which you have called us to embark on..." 
Let us praise God for His never ending love for His children, as He calls on both the just and unjust to come into obedience to His word. Praise God for His willing vessels...His sacrificial souls that truly do put their life on the line for a neighbor, friend, family member or complete stranger. 
It is my prayer that we all seek to hear our Father in Heaven, as He calls us to action in this world. His love for each of us is beautiful and to Him we are all worthwhile and worthy of life everlasting in Heaven with Him.
It is our job (our purpose) to go after the lost ones as He calls us to do.  Listen!
He just may be calling you next...

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