Let Jesus be Your Every Day Valentine....

Published on 19 February 2022 at 11:26

Let Jesus be your Valentine....Jesus, I need your awesome love!!

Patricia Ann, Originally posted on Friday, February 10, 2012 
Let Jesus be your every day Valentine!! Jesus, I need your awesome love!!

Valentine's Day is hugely celebrated -- a great day for giving flowers, chocolates, jewelry etc. to the one you love.
Kids love Valentine's Day with school parties and the giving of Valentines and even some secret love letters.
And as adults, proposals and weddings occur on Valentine's Day.  Women eagerly await flowers at work or a box of candy or jewelry and a dinner for two.  Men scramble to buy whatever it takes to make her happy on Valentine's Day.  And likewise, she seeks to please her man. 
But sometimes, its just a show.  It's a picture of love for one day and then its back to "the way we were."  Sometimes its great if the couples share the love of Jesus in their hearts for each other, but for some it's not so great.  "The way we were" is scary and life is a roller coaster once again.
So the love of Valentine's Day isn't always what its made out to be.
I don't know anybody who doesn't look for love in their life.
Children look to their parents for love and nurturing.
As we grow into adulthood, we look for that special relationship with a significant other - a boyfriend or girlfriend that we can fall in love with and live happily ever after. 
And sometimes, that happens just as planned. 
But often, in today's world we find ourselves searching when it comes to love. 
We jump into relationships too fast, get our hearts broken and move on to find another person to fill us with

that love feeling.
And sometimes we are in a relationship for a few years and suddenly our best friend, our partner in life lets us down, hurts us unbearably and we live a broken existence.
Some of us break it off right away and go on searching for yet another love, and some of us hang on dearly hoping for the love to rekindle and the relationship to become new again, as we strive for that happily ever after.
We are sometimes slow to figure out that we cannot do it alone. 
We cannot make our partner love us, cherish us or desire to be with us and many times it seems that we have had enough of our partner and we seem to fall out of love with them. 
We need to ask ourselves ... Where is my heart? 
Is it too broken to be fixed?  Has it become hardened by the circumstances of living in a hard relationship - living

a hard life? 
No matter what the circumstances are, there is One whose love is never going to hurt us, never going to leave our heart shattered and beyond repair. 
It is the love of Jesus that we need to get us through every difficult situation in our life.
Jesus was born for you and me.
He lived and died for us so that we do not have to live in sadness or sorrow, feeling unloved and searching.
Jesus is Love.
Jesus is an every day Valentine with His love enduring forever, always there for you and me.
My prayer for every broken heart this Valentine's Day and every day is to remember:
Jesus, you are all I need.  I need your awesome love. And you will be blessed with His loving spirit within your heart.
Ask Jesus to come into your heart and heal your broken spirit, to cleanse you with His love and to hold you in

His loving arms.
And for every happy heart filled with love,  God Bless you and may your life be filled with continuous love and joy forever.
Whatever your situation, remember...: 
There is no love like the love of Jesus Christ!
Let Jesus be your every day Valentine!
Jesus, Lord and Savior - 
You are all we need. 
May each of us receive your awesome love!!
In His Glorious name, Amen.

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