Are you tired of fighting? Don't give up... Get up!!

Published on 24 February 2022 at 16:50

Are you tired of fighting? Don't give up...Get up!!
Patricia Ann, Originally posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018

When you are tired of fighting... Don't give up... Get up!! 
Have you ever had a day, a week, a month or even a year or more where it seemed like everything in your life

went wrong.  
You find yourself day after day... struggling.  It is like life has become a fight just to survive.  You know the struggle is becoming too much and you try to get out of the slump, but there seems to be no reprieve.  Every day is the same, until finally you realize that you are losing the battle.  You are tired, feeling sick and tired, and too tired to try anymore.  
You are going to give up. You would rather lay down and die than to live another moment in the perceived torment of what life has brought your way.
Big things, small things, anything that is contrary to your idea of living the good life has left you perplexed.
What do I do?  I have tried everything that I know to do!  I quit! I give up!  I am done! No more!
It will be easier if I just stop trying to be that good person. It will be easier if I stop seeking a better life!  It will be easier if I just live alone, in poverty, and in distress and stuck!  I cannot get out of this mess I am in anyway! 
So, I am going to give in and I am going to sin, sin, and sin some more, so that this life gets better!
I have heard the whispers... that if I just stop living my life for God, I will be free. There will be no more torment and no more pain.  I will find success and have money to spare.  I can have a great job with a new car.  I will live again!  
Oh, but wait!  What is that voice I hear now? What is that gentle nudging that I feel telling me not to sin, not to seek

the world? 
Doesn't the world have everything I need to survive?
Oh, there is that voice again.  "Just wait on the Lord," I hear from somewhere within myself.  
But I am so tired of waiting! I am so tired of being tired! I don't want the struggle. I don't want the pain of lack,

of sickness, of loss.  
I just want to give up!
"Where are You anyway, God?" 
"Where were You when I lost my job, my best friend, and when even my family turned away from me?  Where were You when I got sick and didn't have the money to go to the doctor, so I laid down, but didn't die? I wanted to die, but I didn't."
"Where were You when they came and took my car, when my wife left me, when my own kids called me a loser?"
"I am just tired of fighting, God! Don't you understand? Don't you see?  I hurt. I am in pain in so many ways."
"Don't you care?  You are supposed to be God, supposed to love me and care for me, but look at my life, God.

Look at me!"
"People tell me to seek you, to read  your word, to love you, but I just don't understand love anymore.  I only feel pain

and torment."
Oh, what is this I feel?  Tears.  Really?  I am crying tears again?  I have cried so many tears already.  Who needs

more tears? 
"I am angry God!  I am angry at You!  Where are You?
Why don't You answer me!  I can't hear You! I can't see You!
I am living in a fog of terror and pain!" 
"Where are You, God!  Why can't I find You anymore!  Where are You?"
Suddenly, You are overcome with a sense of peace.  It startles You because You haven't felt this way for a very

long time.  
Somehow, you know its all going to be okay. 
Feeling humbled you ask, "Is that You, God?"  
"Where have You been?  I needed You and You weren't there."
And now you are very aware of His presence, as He ministers to your every need. 
You can see clearly for the first time. You can hear His voice.
It is beautiful.  It is love!  You can feel love! A sweet essence of love, joy and peace overwhelms you and you begin sobbing, releasing all the pain. All of the sadness and torment flows out through your tears, as you picture in your mind what is happening.  You are sobbing into the shoulder of Jesus and He has gently wrapped you in His arms. 
"I have been waiting for you." He says.  
"I have been waiting for you to seek Me, to ask Me for help. I have been waiting for you to understand that you cannot do anything on your own, but you have been determined to go your own way. You have been mad at Me, even ignoring my voice and the help that I have sent at times."
"In your anger and distress, you turned from Me, distanced yourself from Me and I have been waiting for you to come back to Me. I have been waiting for you to cry out to Me, to be accepting to receive My help."
"Now, there are some things I want you to know and to do.
Please understand that I have loved you from before you were born."
"Your beating heart is a result of my love for you. I know everything about you and I want you to know that you are beautiful to Me, a magnificent part of creation."
"There is only one of you. Did you ever think that there is only one you and that you are unique and special to God?"

"I have so many plans for you and they don't include the things that you have experienced thus far."
"Those things are a result of the sinfulness of mankind, of listening to the devil, of seeking the world and its ways."  
"My plans are to prosper you and not to harm you, to give to you a hope and a future.  I desire for you to experience the essence of my love, of peace and joy in abundance and for you to share the message of my love with those you meet."  
"I will set appointments for you and you will have a testimony of your life that you will share.  It will help other people who are experiencing what you have just gone through.  You will lead them to freedom to the Father through Me. I am the Savior of mankind. My death on the cross was for the sinfulness of you and the rest of God's children."
"My death and resurrection was for the forgiveness of sin and for a life everlasting with our Father in Heaven."
"Now, life in this world is not easy because temptation and sin exist, but I have come to give you life."
"Every day you will have choices to make and I tell you  now that if you keep my commands and follow my ways, your life will be changed from this day forward." 
"I love you, my child, with all of My heart."
"I want you to get up! Don't give up!  I have such a wonderful life planned for you."
"You were born to live, to love and to share the truth of who I am. Tell them that I am coming soon, that there is no time for gambling with sin, that to live is to live in Christ, but to live without Christ is to die. It is my desire for all of God's children to live. Oh, how I love you all." 

Suddenly you are aware of your presence, of your life.  You are important, you have a reason and you begin to feel alive like never before!
You get up!  You know that never again will you give up, because no matter what happens, you are loved and needed, special and unique and you were born with a purpose.  
You feel a fire in your belly, a joy in your spirit and a peace that surpasses all understanding!  
You know that you have had a God encounter and you are humbled ,blessed and ready to live!
My prayer for today is that we seek our Father in Heaven in times of trial and pain.  He is waiting to help us, but sometimes we stand in the way.  Don't give up! Get up and out of the way!  May we all receive freedom through Jesus Christ.  Experience His love, peace, joy and blessings today.
Praise God from whom all blessings come!

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