Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Published on 1 March 2022 at 23:39

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Patricia Ann, Originally posted on Sunday, December 25, 2011

Everyone loves birthdays. Right? 
Well, not everyone does, but we should.
After all, birthdays are a gift.
Our own birth is a wonderful gift from God, as He created us in His image
for life on this earth.
But today, we celebrate the most special birthday of all.  Jesus!
Jesus was born for you and for me. 
He is the ultimate gift that any one of us could ever receive.
Just as children are born as a gift to parents from God, God gave us Jesus, Himself - in the form of a human baby
in order to save the world from its own sinfulness.
Sweet little baby Jesus was not born of royalty, but from common people - Mary as His mother and Joseph - her betrothed as His father on this earth. 
Of course, we know that Jesus is the son of God - a miraculous sign that the word would be a different place after

His birth. Great things were coming. 
Jesus grew to be the greatest man there ever would be!
Always walking in gentleness, filled with His Father's grace and love.
He walked the earth for 33 years learning, teaching and performing miracles until the day His prophesy was fulfilled.
Jesus was born for a reason.
He was born to die for our sins, born to show us the love of His Father - Our Father in Heaven  - as He was crucified for the sins of mankind - past, present and future.  That means those born before us, you and me in this world today, and our children (God's children) born after us.
My prayer for this Christmas day, and for all days following, is for each of us to walk with the gentleness of Jesus. I pray that we share His great love, and recognize that as we celebrate the birth of this wonderful baby on Christmas, that we also celebrate His life and His death as a sacrifice for our own sinfulness. 
I pray that Jesus will live in our hearts and shine through our actions and words as we live each day of our lives.
Praise be to the Glory of Our God as we celebrate His love for us!!

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