Jesus... Just a common carpenter?

Published on 10 March 2022 at 11:39

Jesus... Just a common carpenter?

by Tim, Originally posted on Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Imagine a day in the life of Jesus:
    “Benjamin, the day is beautiful. Have you seen the sun rise more brightly than it did this morning over the streets

of Nazareth?
    “I know Timothy. It's warm and the winds lay low. We should have a great catch today. The market price is up and we could use the extra money.”
    “Say, isn't that Jesus from the carpenter shop? There in the boat with Peter?” asked Timothy.
    “I believe it is Timothy. Just last week he repaired the leg on my favorite sitting chair, you know the one passed on from my great grandfather. Let's row over to greet them.”
    ... “Good morning Peter. Good morning Jesus.”
    “Good day to you and your friend Benjamin,” Jesus replied. “How's your chair?”
    “Very well, thank you. You do wonderful work. This is Timothy, my fishing partner and dear friend.”
    Peter said to his friends, “Yes, Jesus does wonderful work with His hands in the carpenter shop. But, did you know Jesus is more than a carpenter, so much more?”
    “How so?” asked Timothy.
    Peter replied, “A day ago, remember the day the fish avoided the nets like the plague?”
    “Yes, go on.”
    “At the end of the day Jesus said, 'Cast the net over the side'. So we did. We pulled in so many fish our nets began

to break! How could it be? Where did they come from?  Nothing less than a miracle!” exclaimed Peter.
    “Peter, that never happens. In all the years fishing these waters there's never been a school of fish big enough to break our nets,” Timothy said.
    Peter went on to say, “I know Benjamin. At the beginning of the week Jesus came to me when I was getting in my boat to start my day. He told me I would become a fisher of men. Then the next day He fished all day with me. I told Him how my brother has wronged me so and I just want to kill him.”
    “Peter,” Benjamin chided, “that's terrible. That would be so wrong of you,” said Timothy.
    “Yes, you're right. Do you know Jesus said I should forgive him and love.  He said that He, Himself, is the Son of God. And if I believe Him and forgive my brother I would be free. So I did, right there and then. Friends, I felt free and warm like the sunny day in my spirit. It is true. Jesus is a Man of miracles. He is the Son of God, just as He says.”
    Then Jesus said, “See Peter, you are a fisher of men. And Benjamin, you see I know you cherish the lovely chair I repaired for you last week. My Father in heaven cherishes you, and Timothy, even more. You are of greater value to Him than any treasured heirlooms. Follow me in the days to come and you will see greater things than net-breaking catches of fish. Dear friends, believe Me, too, and you will be free from all your guilt. And believe as well, that you will not taste death but have everlasting life.”
    Timothy spoke saying, “Amazing, simply amazing. I want this life you tell of. I have always been treated well in your shop, just as Benjamin has. Now, I need to know this peace I see in Peter.”
    “You and Benjamin need only believe Me as Peter has. Your sins will be forgiven and peace I will give you,” said Jesus.
    Together Benjamin and Timothy said with no hesitation, “Yes, Jesus, yes.”
    Jesus told them, “Friends, you are forgiven, receive your peace, it is now yours. Now, go fish and enjoy the beautiful day our God has made for us. I love you, be blessed.”
    Timothy said, “We will. Thank you, we will.”
     “Yes Jesus,” agreed Benjamin. “We will. You are more than a carpenter. My heart burns in my chest. You are indeed the Son of God. May we be with You again?”
     “Yes, you are always welcome. Now, go fish and praise our Father. He's smiling and you will catch a week's worth of fish before the day is over.”
     Benjamin said with a joyful spirit, “Peter, Jesus, you also enjoy this beautiful day. We will fish and be glad today.”
     With one voice the two fishers of men said, “Bye friends.”
     That day, indeed, the two new brothers of Peter fished and spoke of the most uncommon encounter with the most uncommon man in the skin of a common carpenter.
     And when the boat was filled with more than a week's worth of fish earning more than a month's worth of provision, you can only imagine the joy filling their hearts.
     Can you picture when they met their wives arriving home that evening?
     All who chose to stop and listen to the "common" carpenter heard the most amazing and wonderful words of life.
He had no regard for Himself. But, He did have the utmost regard and delighted in God, His Father. He also regards all who would desire to know that selfless and tremendous love.


Have you stopped to listen?
Do you desire to follow Him and make yourself open to hear His miracle-giving words of life?
Have your own thoughts and efforts rewarded you with peace and a thrill for your soul?
No? Then what do you have to lose?
Jesus was sent by His Father in Heaven to be born as a human baby and to grow into a great Man.
He wasn't just a common carpenter...
But He was, and is, the Savior for mankind!
In Him we find love, friendship, and life everlasting.

Receive today as Benjamin and Timothy did above. Jesus said to us in the New Testament, "Lose your life for Me and I will give you life and that is for eternity."
Praise God for the gift of His Son! Amen.

Psalm 91:2, 14-16
   “I will say of the Lord, 'He is my refuge and my fortress. My God in Him I will trust.'
(The Lord says) “Because he (that's you) has set his love on me, therefore I will deliver Him; I will set him on high because he has known My name. He will call upon Me, and I will answer him 'I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life I will satisfy him, and show him my salvation.'”

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