Tell your heart to beat up and let God in

Published on 10 March 2022 at 21:27

Tell your heart to beat again... open up and let God in!

Patricia Ann
This may sound funny to some people, but to those who have had heart-wrenching and heart-breaking circumstances in our lives, we understand how sometimes it just seems like our heart just beats out of sync or barely beats at all.  We are broken!  We have lost someone close to us, a family member or friend, sometimes a job... and our dreams have

been shattered.  
We feel alone... so alone!  We may look good on the outside and we may even put on a facade of everything is okay in order to cover up our inner pain. Does this sound like you or someone that you know?
Have you seen or felt this broken-heartedness to the core of who you are?
I am here today to share with you that its not about who you are or what your brokenness is or has been.  I am here today to share with you that your life... your beating heart is all about Whose you are!
From the beginning of your existence, our Father in Heaven has been in love with you as His child. Scripture tells us that we are knit together in our mother's womb. He knows every hair on our head. Our Father in Heaven knows our heart, as it is He who breathed life into us at birth and it is He who gave to us His own beating heart. We are created in His image, an image of love unconditional and unimaginable!  
Rest assured that no matter what is the cause of our pain, our broken hearts are nothing that our Father hasn't seen happen, and He longs to bring us comfort, bringing us into His loving embrace.

I will tell you that you can:
Stop retreating into yourself, seeking to hide from your pain.

It is not possible to hide from God!
Stop running, trying to run from your pain. You cannot outrun your pain or God, as He sees your every move! 
He knows your every motive, your desire to escape your brokenness and troubles.
The key is to stop!  Stop hiding, stop running! 
Tell your heart to beat again!  Open up and let God in!  He has been waiting for you...

I am speaking from experience that we can tell our heart to beat again, turn to our Father and fall into His loving embrace. 
There is always hope for a better tomorrow.

My prayer for today is that even in the midst of chaos and misunderstanding that we don't take our eyes off of Jesus,

we don't retreat into ourselves, or keep running in the opposite direction of our help, our Father in Heaven. 
Jesus loves us... you and me!
He died that cruel and tormenting death on the cross, so that we may live, so that our heart can beat again!  Open up and let Him in! 
My prayer for today:  May the peace of our Lord Jesus envelope us all every day and may we find joy in understanding

His love! 
Go out and share the Good News of our Lord as your hearts beat anew!  
Blessings to all in Jesus' Precious Name. Amen. 

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