A Wonderful "Welcome Home"

Published on 14 July 2022 at 10:09

Written by Patricia Ann   5/13/22

It is raining again and as it rains, I find myself sitting with my notebook reflecting on today.  

Today my aunt passed away.  As I sit reflecting, I feel the presence of our Lord,  as He is showing me once again the smiling face of those who meet him when they are taken Home.  Today I see "Annie."  

I see her face. She has a childlike joy seeing her parent.  She recognizes Him, like an infant or small child does when they recognize mom or dad and she squeals with glee and has a huge smile, rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes. 

That is the way He looks at her, too. A wide smile and sparkling eyes - He reaches out to her - inviting her into His loving embrace. 

It is a beautiful reunion!

An embrace filled with belonging that fulfills the longing that her heart carried, as she lived life here on earth. She always knew she was Heaven bound. A place of Glory awaited her - a Mansion built on streets of Gold.

It is a place of pure undefiled Love and here she is among those whom have made the journey before her.

Her husband, her mom and dad, brothers, sisters, and friends. They are all here and overjoyed to welcome her.

The welcome is amazing!

And her Jesus - He walks with her, holding her hand. She walks freely now, with no restraint. There are no crutches, no wheelchair, no motorized scooter that this earthly life brought. There is no struggle, no pain and no infirmity. 

Annie is Home. As Jesus looks into her sparkling eyes, He tells her, "Welcome Home, My good and faithful servant." 

And now she knows all that she didn't know before.  All that she questioned, all that she searched for and all of who she was on earth, was always rooted in Love.  The Love of her Father, our Father. 

And one day, when Jesus takes our hand, Annie will be there to greet us with a big smile and sparkling eyes and a 

Wonderful "Welcome Home".  

The rain has turned to a sprinkle now and I sit with a humbled heart to be allowed to sit in the presence of Jesus, as He shows me the "Welcome Home" experiences of those who Love and accept Him as Lord and Savior.  

My prayer for today is that we take time every day to seek the face of Jesus. May we feel His loving embrace and love as He loves. May we joyfully look forward to every tomorrow, fulfilling our earthly days by walking in His Glory and His embrace.  One day, we too, will meet Jesus face to face and will have our own "wonderful, welcome home."

Love and Blessings to all in Jesus' name.

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