Heavenly Connections Ministry - On-Line Faith-Based Counseling Service
 For the love of God will turn man's hearts to Him...
 Heavenly Connections Ministry is here to share the truth of our Lord through testimony, ministry and counseling. Everyone is welcome and it is our belief that if you are on reading this, you were brought here by our Father in Heaven. 
We believe that every Word in the Holy Bible is God's truth to us...to live by and to be obedient. Jesus is the son of God, born as a Savior to live and then to die and live again. He was sacrificed, enduring a cruel death on the cross at Calvary for the sins of mankind.  On that cross, the love of Jesus was shown to every man, woman and child that has ever lived, is living or ever will live.  With His death, Jesus took every sin, sickness and disease to the cross with Him.

 Heavenly Connections Ministry is here to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to bring glory to His name by helping people find hope and healing in their personal lives. We seek to share the healing power of our Lord and set the captives free to enjoy a new life in Christ.
As an ordained minister and faith-based counselor, I am dedicated to
changing lives through ministering and providing Faith-based Biblical counseling through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.
As God's children we are all subject to the trials of life in this world. Jesus experienced many trials himself  as He walked the earth ministering to the people.
Through my own personal relationship with Jesus, I have felt the inner peace and joy that God brings to those who seek Him.
Through His love, and forgiveness the burdens of life can be lifted from our shoulders. When  we take the time to ask and hold onto faith, we can  believe that in seeking Him, we will receive the answers He has for us.
As I continue to grow in relationship with our Lord,  it is my desire to share His great love, forgiveness and healing with you today.
There is always Hope for a better tomorrow when you trust in Jesus for the answers. 
I thank the Lord for His many blessings - family, friends and all people whom He brings into my life every day.
I have listed favorite scripture, music, poetry and photos that I hope you will find helpful on your spiritual journey.  There is always hope for a better tomorrow and it starts today!
I  pray you find continued peace, healing and joy in our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Patricia Howard Peterson
Ordained Minister, Counselor 
Bachelor of Social Science, Washington State University
Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling
Master of Pastoral Psychology ,
Trinity Evangelical Christian University
The United New Testament Church of Christ, International
Member of UNTCI  Ministry Association

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