To be Fishers of Men...

Published on 8 June 2024 at 23:54

Written by Patricia Ann ...

June 8 2024

To be Fishers of Men

To share the love of Jesus, with open embracing arms

Is to love people like Jesus does, keeping them safe from harm

Sharing in good times, with laughter and joy 

Or just being a listening ear or a heartfelt word in a time of need

We've given our hearts to Jesus

To love as He loves, to share Who He is

It's a calling, a gift, an anointing

It's a ministry, a way of life

It's like the disciples who followed Jesus and learned from Him

He made them all Fishers of men 

And so also, we are Fishers of men, our Father's  daughters and sons

There is no question, just action as we carry on each day

Show us my Lord, where to go and what to say

We throw in the net

As you supply the fish

As Fisher's of men, we humble ourselves to your ways

Obedient to the end

Sharing the love of Jesus

With open and loving arms

It's our goal to love like Jesus keeping all safe from harm. 

Blessed be the King of Kings, our Lord who was and is and is to come! 



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