Sea of Tears

Published on 12 March 2022 at 22:50

For years she was drowning,
being pulled down in a sea of tears, 
into the depths of Hell.
She tried to breathe and gasped for air,
filled with anxiety and despair.
She knew that someday
she would die before her time.
The stress would cause cancer.
Or she would be beaten to death,
her body left to rot,
just like her spirit had been.
She had lost herself, who she was,
somewhere in the madness of his desire to control her.
It was his living hell  that she was pulled into,
and for so many years, 
 that was where she dwelled.
Nobody could find her!
Nobody could know  - the fear and the hell she lived!
 Then one day it hit her,
 the complete and total fear of dying by his hand and
dying in his hell!
It was then that she found
the courage and the strength to call out for help.
She peaked out of her hell 
and found a tremendous resource of help.
There were others just like her!
If only she had known,
she wouldn't have spent 
so many years feeling alone,
 lost in the hell of a man  -
living a hell of his own.
Her life is changed today
with thanks to God and all of the special people who
speak up for  victims rights.
She no longer sleeps in fear at night.
She is healthy and well with a desire to fight 
for righteousness
with her friends out there for victims rights. 

written by Patricia Ann

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