The Sheep

Published on 12 March 2022 at 23:02

As I Was called to watch over the sheep 

I wondered what I would see.

Some were grazing graciously -

Thankful for al they had to eat.

They stepped aside for others -

To share some of their food

Still others stood their ground

Seemingly very rude.

They did not budge a single inch -

For they wanted what was theirs.

That grass was meant just for them-

It wasn't meant to share.

There were sheep who seemed to follow -

The majority of the group.

Wherever the herd was going --

They would go there, too.

And then I saw the thirsty sheep -

The grass was not enough -

To quench the thirst they were feeling.

They needed more to drink.

The shepherd saw the lonely sheep -

But did not do a thing.

He was much too busy 

With the herd-

And all his tasks

The busy day would bring.

The lonely sheep were lost -

And did not mean a thing.

They weren't part of the group.

Would anyone really know?

What could it hurt-

To just let these lost ones go?

The water hole was not far -

With ample drink for all.

But the shepherd did not lead them-

For fear that he would fall.

It was an uphill battle -

To lead the lost ones there .

For they never knew that path -

And often stumbled here or there.

Their thirst was so apparent -

And the path -

Yes, it was hard .

But they needed the patience of their shepherd -

The one sent there to guard.

I turned my ear and heard their cry -

My heart could feel their pain.

I caught a glimpse of one sheep's eye -

And there I felt his fear.

If only he knew the water

He thirsted for-

Was very, very near.

But how could all the lost sheep know?

No one would lead them there.

As i stood watching-

I realized the meaning of it all.

If only the shepherd guarding them -

Were not afraid to fall.

GOD sent me here to watch the sheep -

And gave me eyes to see.

How wonderous it would be-

If I would give these sheep a drink?

So I grabbed a staff

And followed the uphill path.

The sheep arrived at the watering hole -

Dirty and in despair.

But as they drank the water-

I saw a miraculous cleansing in the air!

The sheep's eyes began to shine-

With a light reflected from the Son!

And their dirty coats were refreshed -

As if each wore a brand new one!

When all had drank a final drink -

I led them all away.

But they knew where they were going -

And did not stumble along the way.

The downhill path was very steep -

But their steps remained in synch -

For they were no longer lost!

I wondered…

What would their shepherd think?

They joined in the herd-

As the shepherd counted -

The numbers of his flock .

Did he recognize the change in them…

Or just the hours on the clock?

Did he even know they had gone-

Up that steep hill to find-

What they had so long thirsted for ?

It wasn't just a drink you see-

But a grace-filled peace of mind. 


Copyright -2010


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