Yesterday's Narcissist

Published on 16 March 2022 at 11:58

Yesterday's Narcissist   written by Patricia Ann  

soulless--having no soul or no greatness or warmth of mind or feeling


Soul less eyes

stare so blank.

The empty cold;



It is hatred, complete hatred

for the Love of Christ.

Soul less eyes 

stare so black.

The empty cold;


It is hatred, complete hatred;

life sucking desire to feed off of negative emotions.

It is a complete hatred for the love of Christ.

Soul less eyes

A mouth that hungers to eat the tears of it's victims.

Those whose hearts are full of love and life.

Soul less eyes that change for a moment,

to an innocence;

to draw it's victims in once again

into the soul less trap.

And the game begins.

The victim receives the toxic grin of vicious vile;

venom and the blackish, blank soul less eyes of hell. 

that seek to draw them in

to that same frigid void,

that same lacking.

It is the hatred of all things Christ-like.


"Help!"  the breathless victim whispers to her Lord.  "Help me!!"

And her Lord, as promised, comes to her side.

He picks her up, cradles her and cleanses the venom from her

Body, mind, spirit and soul.

No! those soul less eyes that stare so blank,

so black.

in the frigid, lacking abyss;

the toxic venomous, vile hatred

will not destroy her.

It will not have access to her soul.

She belongs to Christ, her Lord;

her Savior.

And she survived another day.

Come, Holy Spirit.  Come!!

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