We don't have to see to believe... Matthew 4:23-25

Published on 20 June 2024 at 01:03

By Patricia Ann  June 20, 2024


As I was spending time in prayer a few days ago, I was given this message. 

"You don't have to see to believe. You only need to receive..."

I thought about it and wondered... "just how often are people so caught up in seeing a miracle, a healing that they don't receive the miracle that is right before them?"

Did you know that we can blindly, through faith, reach out and grab our miracle, our healing and pull in down from heaven.  After all, God's word tells us, " on earth as it is in heaven."

Our Lord Jesus healed all who came to Him! They didn't come to see their healing.

They came to receive it! 

They came to take what Jesus had for them.  Through Jesus' love and messages, they came and received their healing. 

"You don't have to see to believe.  You only need to receive." That was God's message to me.  

And yes!  I needed to hear it, too.   I needed to write it and share with you. God is longing for us to come into intimate relationship with Himself. ❤️ 

My prayer for today, is that we all come into intimacy with our Lord and receive His love and healing power through us. 

"You don't have to see to believe. You only need to receive..."

Love and Blessings to all

in Christ Jesus. Amen








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