The First Dandelion of Spring...Little Bits of Sunshine

Published on 27 December 2021 at 15:34

The First Dandelion of Spring...Little Bits of Sunshine... Genesis 1:12  Patricia Ann, Originally posted Saturday, March 18, 2017 

The earth brought forth vegetation: plants yielding seed of every kind, and trees of every kind bearing fruit with the seed in it. And God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1:12)

He designed us to be NOT of this world...but a part of His beautiful creation. When we choose Him... He showers us with His great love and blessings. And it doesn't get better than that!!
Yesterday, as I was walking, I saw my first dandelion of spring. 
To me, each dandelion expresses an essence of  bright yellow, like a  little bit of sunshine, looking up at God smiling, as if to say "Thank you Lord!"
Some people think of dandelions as nothing more than nuisance weeds and spray them with weed killer,  causing them to wilt and wither away.
However, to me, their existence in my yard or growing in a sidewalk crack is pure joy!  
I just love these little bits of sunshine!
And if you ever take the time to pick a dandelion, you can see the intricate design of our Father.  There are many tiny petals emanating from the center, each very close to the one beside it. If the closeness weren't there, the dandelion just wouldn't be the same.  And if you start plucking the petals, that dandelion will fall apart in your hands.
The design of that dandelion is much like our relationship with our Lord. 
He is our center, the one who holds the rest of us together as brothers and sisters in Christ.  
Each individual one of us is like a tiny petal of the dandelion... delicate, bright and unique by itself, but when put together with others just like it, a beautiful creation is formed.  
Just as each little dandelion looks up to the heavens for light and nourishment from our God, so do we as His children.  
And when we are brought together in one place, with Him at the center, we are collectively an essence of His beauty... each one, expressing ourselves with an essence equivalent to little bits of sunshine looking up to our God smiling as if to say, "Thank you Lord!"
Look at the beauty of God's creation....the mountains, trees, flowers and animals. Look at the birds and insects in all their magnificent colors and markings that keep them protected from predators. 
Did you know that God created this world for His enjoyment, and for His children to live and flourish in it's beauty? 
Did you know that as one of His children, you too, are a special creation ?
Even more than the flowers and the animals...we, His children are so dear to God's very own heart that He sent His son, Jesus, as a sacrifice for the sins of mankind...your sin that you could live knowing Him...

His love...and His creation.
God created a world full of beauty... and like a field full of dandelions, we as His children are part of His field. We each shine with an essence, with a special beauty, the essence of who He is within our heart!
And because our Father in Heaven is so mesmerized by our love and beauty, He has gifted us with ALL things of His creation. He desires for us to take hold of these things and experience His love through His creation.

Written in His word, the Holy Bible, are the keys to His kingdom.  As we seek Him and worship Him with our heart, the secrets of His kingdom are released to us. 
It's not hard to simply reach out and take hold of the beauty that God has offered to you...The Bible...His word...His creation...simple and true. 
My prayer for today is that we walk outside and look for the beauty of His creation...whether in a  tiny dandelion with its bright yellow smile for God, a budding tree,  or the sound of a bird chirping ...and know that these things are created by our God, just as we are. 
We are all beautiful!
Collectively, we are a part of who He is and in that He is glorified and magnified in the beauty of the creation

which He has made.
Look around you today. Will you choose to see God or the distractions of the world?
We all have the choice to experience His love and beauty.

It is when we choose to see and feel His love and His beauty that we find our choice is followed by His blessings!!
Praise God that at any time in our life we can choose Him and take the road that leads to His Kingdom.  
Love and Blessings to ALL in Jesus precious Name.  Amen

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