Can you Jesus feels?

Published on 28 December 2021 at 20:03

Can you Jesus feels?   Patricia Ann, Originally posted Monday, October 11, 2010

Can you imagine how Jesus feels as He stands knocking at the door of our heart?
He finds us busy, self-centered, and struggling to maintain control our chaotic lives.
We won't  even open the door just a little bit to gaze upon His face, or to open up our minds to see what He has to offer to each of us?
Have you ever had a really good friend - a best friend who you haven't seen for a long time? 
Maybe a childhood playmate or someone you were close to in high school, college or at work? 
And you lost touch with them for a long time? 
You hear that they are moving back into the town where you live and you are very excited to see them. 
You anticipate their move - wanting and longing to catch up with your friend from long ago.  How are they doing, what kind of life do they have -- children, work, etc.?
It'll be just like old times.
Or so you thought...
The day comes and you arrive at the door of your friends home. 
It isn't what you expected it to be.  Even though there is daylight  and the sun is shining brightly in the street, the door of the home is covered with darkness from several giant trees and vines that have taken over the walkway and the doorstep of the home.
Still, looking forward to embracing your old friend, you knock at the door and eagerly wait.
You hear footsteps on the inside of the home, so you know that your friend is inside. 
The footsteps come closer and you expect the door to open at any moment and reveal your best friend from long ago -- just as you remembered them.  You feel excited, your heart is beating fast in anticipation. 
 It's been so long and you have missed this friend -- the talks you had, the fun experiences you shared. 
 And you wait...but the door doesn't open.
 Instead you hear the footsteps slowly walking away from the door.
You knock again... and wait. 
Once again the footsteps come close to the door and you look for the doorknob to turn, the door to open and for your friend to welcome you inside.
But it happens again. You hear your friend walking away from the door -- the footsteps becoming more faint in the distance.
Concern and compassion well up inside of you as you sense something is terribly wrong behind the closed door. 
What can you do?
You have stood there knocking, but your friend will not let you in!
You feel hurt and rejected and still concerned for your friends well being. 
Why won't they let you in?  Is there anything you can do to make things better?
You just want the opportunity to say ,  "My friend, I am here.  Is there anything I can do to help  you?"
You knock on the door and even wiggle the door knob a bit.
The door is locked.  You cannot get in! 
Can you imagine how Jesus feels as He stands knocking at the door of our heart?
He longs for us to know Him, to seek His face and to open the door and invite Him in. 
He has known us since our conception, has witnessed every part of our lives.  He as shared in our joys and He has seen our pain! 
He feels our pain!
Imagine Jesus weeping with you as you stand inside the door.
You are so afraid to open the door, afraid to let anyone see your pain, afraid of the change that will occur once you allow Him in.
You know you need Him, you know He is here, you know He will bring comfort, but you cannot get past your fear. Your fear of an unknown future keeps you locked behind a closed door!
He has just knocked again-- and He waits. 
 He senses your pain and He wants to help you, to comfort you and to let you know that He is your best friend  - eagerly awaiting the opening of your door - your heart. 
He seeks to help us in our troubles, just as we seek to help our long lost friends. 
But if we refuse to open the door of our heart, He cannot help us.
If only  you just open the door a little bit.. you will get a glimpse of the wonderful light and life He has to offer. 
Jesus loves you and me. It doesn't matter what our life circumstances have been, what our circumstances are now 

or what sins we have committed. 
What matters is that He is here...eagerly waiting outside the door of every persons heart...ready to take the burdens of sin and guilt, pain and sorrow and make each of us new again.
That, my friends, is what Jesus Christ does for us. 
He makes each of us new again!!
That is why He was born, why He lived life on this earth, why He was put on trial, tortured  and crucified, why He arose from the grave and why He lives today in the lives and hearts of all His people.
Don't stand behind a closed and locked door any longer. 
Jesus waits to bring you the truth of God's word -- the reality of life and a best friend relationship that will

never let you down!
Dear Jesus,  
I pray that all people come to know you, and seek to open the door of their heart, and allow you in. I know it is sometimes very scary and very hard to open a door that has been locked for many years.  But through a relationship with with you Jesus, our best friend, all things are made new!
We can throw away the binding chains of our past and stop living a fearful life behind closed doors.  An awesome future is in store for each of us who answer the door and invite Our Savior into our heart and our life. I pray that doors will be opened and lives will be changed today and every day.  In His name, Amen.
May God's Blessing touch you all !!

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