Holding Baby Jesus

Published on 15 January 2022 at 19:34

Holding Baby Jesus

Patricia Ann, originally posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011 
The night before Christmas eve in December 2009, I received a most wondrous blessing in the form of a dream. 
In my home, I have a lighted picture of Jesus knocking at the door.  It lights my living room, which sits right next to my bedroom.  I love seeing the light of Jesus when I wake in the night, so I always have the lighted Jesus picture turned on to light the darkness in case I wake in the night. 
On this particular night last Christmas, I woke up in the middle of the night with a most awesome and joy filled heart. 
In my dream, I had been holding baby Jesus in my arms, cradling Him and praising His Holy name. 
I felt incredibly blessed,  as if my whole body  -  my entire being was shimmering with His love and His light.
It was as if I was there on that very night - when He was born.
The warmth I felt penetrated me as I tried to fathom the blessing that I had received.
To hold baby Jesus --in a dream -- two thousand years after His miraculous birth.  WOW! 
And God sent that dream to me! WOW!
How can I not take the opportunity to share my experience - my Blessing with the world ?
It is Christmas time once again and as
I carry that joyous feeling with me in my heart  --
I share with you  the essence of the pure love of Jesus as an infant - held securely in my arms.
I long to give you a glimpse of the joy of Jesus --
and I know my words can never be descriptive enough to begin to paint a picture as big as my experience describes.
Jesus was born to be our Savior --
and from the day He was born  -- His presence penetrated the world around Him with  the essence of love and light - the essence of His Father -- Our Creator, who sent forth His only Son to be the Savior of the world --to be our Savior - yours and mine --
To walk with humanity in ridicule and hatred, yet performing miracles of healing, feeding multitudes of people, parting the sea and ultimately dying  a death due to torture  -- all to complete His purpose on this earth. 
He was born to die, born to set an example of love, born to live again in each of us every day.
What a joy it is to know Him as my Savior and what pure joy it has been to Hold baby Jesus in my arms!
That dream changed my life, and changed my heart by filling me with the essence of His being --  seeing Him as a baby, as  a man, as a Savior for mankind and as my friend --
who many times before I ever held Him in my arms in a  dream -- has held me in His arms through countless pains and hardships that I thought I would never be able to handle.
You see, Jesus was born to hold us, to guide us, protect us and to love us  - just as a parent does with a child. 
We, as parents -- seek to love care for and protect our babies, giving them the sustenance that they need to grow and mature -- Just as Jesus does these things for each of us.
Let us remember as Christmas time approaches -- that Jesus was born for each of us -  as a parent holds a newborn baby keeping it safe from harm. 
There is no place I feel more comfort-- than resting in Jesus's arms.
My prayer for this Christmas season and for today is for each of us to remember the joys of life - the joy on the night of Jesus birth, the miraculous feeling that must have been in the air that night as the sound of a newborn babies cry penetrated the night sky. Our Savior was born and His light lives on in each of God's children who share in His love.  Blessings to all this Christmas season and throughout the entire year.

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