Praise through oppression. When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

Published on 15 January 2022 at 19:46

Praise through oppression. When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

Patricia Ann, originally posted Monday, July 27, 2020

My conversations with Jesus in the midst of an ongoing, raging storm...

I love you, my Lord.  My understanding fails me, but Your voice I hear. Your presence I feel in the midst of this oppression. Rescue me,  please, my Lord, with  peaceful sleep and may I awaken fresh and new in the morning light--a smile on my face and an unburdened heart. It is You, my Lord, who loves me the most.  It is You who has rescued me from my woes, my pain, my misunderstanding.  "Be still, " I say and I shall listen intently for my lover's words to soothe my soul.  My Jesus,  you provide strength for tomorrow.  May every evil yoke be broken and freedom reign as You, my Lord, are worthy to be praised.  My Jesus, my Savior, my Healer, lover of my soul.  I adore you.  I am loved.  I am blessed. 


Jesus, I pray that I am no longer ruled by the flesh, brought low by man's words or opinions of me. Even those who profess to love me here in this earth seek inwardly to destroy my spirit, my life.  They may worship their own flesh, but I pray that I no longer fall victim to the lies, manipulations and schemes of the enemy, as he works through man.  You, my Lord call many,  and few answer.  So many are seeking still some form of recognition, praise, etc.  In their selfishness , they abuse those they declare to love and that is a lie.  There is no abuse in love.

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