The three truths. When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

Published on 17 February 2022 at 14:51

Patricia Ann, originally posted Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The three truths....Looking back.

When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

I shall not be moved. 


My conversations with Jesus in the midst of an ongoing, raging storm...


I look back five years when my Lord gave me what I call "The three truths."  

"Love and don't waste time.  Be ready, not recognized.  If it's not good, it's not from God."  

I've carried these truths in my heart, my being, and often wondered if I was failing somehow.  I didn't seem to understand, as time seemed to speed up so fast that one day I awoke 5 years later, seeing and feeling in despair of things that I must have missed out on-- things that I surely lost.

Time spent in strife had turned to fear, poverty and being hungry at times.  I remember becoming recognized with a church that I dearly loved, but had no congregation, except a few children.  As a part of me had looked in despair of what should have been if I had heeded those three truths more seriously, God has spoken to my heart yet again with His love

upon my heart. 

"For such a time as this," my Lord says.   I had to be there to get here and I was able to touch many souls along the way.  Those who were watching as I went through hard trials (which I  now call going from Glory to Glory) and the  church with the town's children,.  He told me I wasn't  there for the grownups, but for the children so dear to His heart, --their laughter, their song, comforting them in their sadness and knowing it was always God through me, as I spoke with the love of parent to a child,  just as our Father speaks to us.  That church was where I was recognized and not recognized all at the same time.

It is where God allowed me to sing and preach to the wind.  Messages spoken to empty pews, but always knowing that God carried His words to the heart of someone.  All  had to do was speak His words.  He would do the rest.  I felt rejected there, lied about--but Jesus knows. He endured far more than I did, but I felt like Elijah sometimes, wanting to run away and hide in a cave.  

God brought me through so much there  and awed me with His provision time after time.  

I do love Jesus so very much. God my Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit indwelling within me. I am blessed.

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