The Sacred Place. When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

Published on 17 February 2022 at 14:23

The Sacred Place. When I stand, God moves. When I fear, the enemy chases me.

Patricia Ann, originally posted Monday, July 27, 2020


My conversations with Jesus in the midst of an ongoing, raging storm...


I can feel you, my Lord. There is love in every beat of my heart--in my thoughts. My essence is now truly one with You. 

I heard you say that my relationship with man is not sacred.  That place is only to be shared with You.  You, my Lord,  are my Sacred Place. 

I am in love with you and it is good. I praise your Holy Name.  I feel beautiful and loved like never before.  For such a time as this, my joy returns.  The light within me shines brighter each day. I am alive. I am loved.  I am chosen. I am blessed.  I am safe.  And in all of these things, I rest in the sacred place with the One who loves me the most.  Jesus, I love you.


Today, I declared my worthiness, how my Jesus see me and loves me and how i deserve to be treated and loved inside of my own home.  I am worthy of being cared for, treated gently and lovingly.  I am worthy of falling asleep in a clean room, a clean bed and feeling pretty again.  I am worthy of having nice things.

I am beautiful and worthy.  I turn from every evil. every lie and every manipulation that seeks to destroy me.  I lay at the feet of my Jesus, weeping in my humbleness of how He loves me.  Repenting once again, yet understanding my mistake of seeking the love of man and allowing myself to be brought so low that I lost sight of just how precious I am to my Lord.  It is He who cherishes me.  It is in His presence that I will dwell.  I sit at His banqueting table and I am sustained as His banner over me is Love.  I am loved by my Jesus and so I also love. 


 I know that if I hadn't faced total rejection, I would not have made it to this place at your feet, Jesus.  I became broken in so any pieces that I didn't think it was possible to end up here,  but in a second, a twinkling of an eye, here I am in the midst  of the One who loves me the Most.  Nothing compares.  Nothing I have ever known could ever even begin to compare.  You are amazing love,  precious love.  In You, I find myself, my rest, my peace.  

Thank you, my Lord, as tonight I rest in peace in your loving embrace.  Good night, my Jesus, my love. 

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