Living in His Light...a daily celebration!!

Published on 19 February 2022 at 10:48

Living in His Light...a daily celebration!! John 12:46

Patricia Ann, Originally posted on Friday, September 09, 2011

I love Jesus and living in His light is a daily celebration for me.
Jesus said, " I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness." John 12:46
When Jesus was born -as a tiny baby, laying in a manger, He brought light into the world.  Surrounded by his mother, Mary and Father Joseph, a prophecy was begun - this child was born to to bring light into the world -- into your world -- into my world--into each of us personally through a relationship with Him. 
If you don't know Jesus or are not sure you believe in God:
It may be difficult to imagine... that God, Our Creator, our Father in Heaven...  chose a virgin girl to give birth to a child - His own child, so that His child could be our savior in a lost and dying world. 
 It may be difficult to understand... why?... God sent a messenger to Mary with the news that she would have a baby and name Him Jesus and that Joseph would be His earthly father.
It may be difficult to understand... why?... this tiny infant, Jesus... was born to save the world from sin... by giving up His own life and dying on cross at the age of 33, for you and for me--for mankind --for God's creation.
It may be difficult to understand... why?...when He was being tortured on the cross, He didn't cry out to His father in Heaven for it to stop, so he could continue to live an earthly life with His family and friends. 
It may be difficult to understand... how?... one man, born of a virgin could be the light of the world...born to overcome darkness, heal the sick, raise the dead, feed the hungry, comfort the poor in spirit and fill the world with love and forgiveness.
If you haven't come to know experience His love and forgiveness, then all of these things can be difficult

to understand.
If you have lived a hard life... feeling angry, sad, abused, or unloved..., Jesus is the answer.  You can live in His light and celebrate daily His love for you!
You see, Jesus knows your pain.
Jesus grew from a child to a man experiencing life much like many of us do today. Only He was perfect, made in the image of His Father in Heaven.   As He grew up, He looked to His Father in Heaven for teaching and understanding, just as we do with our earthly parents today.
Many people failed Jesus...strangers, friends and even His own family failed to understand Him, failed to believe Him, failed to stand up for Him, failed to recognize who He really was in this world
Until the end, when Jesus hung dying on the cross- His prophecy about to be fulfilled. 
Only then did those who misunderstood Him and failed to believe in Him begin to see... Who He really was --The true Son of God, sent to save a dying world, to offer forgiveness for all past and future sin, to love and to heal all who who come Him seeking relationship with their personal Savior!
You see, even if you have never heard of Jesus before today, He remains steadfast in His purpose.  His prophecy fulfilled, you are saved by His blood... His blood shed on the cross for the sins that occurred during His time and ever since --for the sins that you and I commit today. 
When we come into relationship with Him, when we answer His knock at the door of our heart, and we let Him in, we are made fresh and new in His love, forgiven, our hearts healed from past pains and rejection and filled with His joy.
Jesus has been and will always be ready for you! 
Are you ready to know Him, to thank Him, to experience His love and forgiveness and to celebrate His light every day of your life?
He came into this world as a light to cast out the darkness, so there is no longer any reason for you to live in the shadows of a dark world.
 Every day is... a time for celebration!!  A celebration of Jesus birth, and life, a time for family and friends to gather and share in His love and His light.
My prayer for today is that we tell everyone we know about the light of Jesus in our life, about His great love and forgiveness for our sins. And that we live daily in that light, rejecting the darkness that comes our way, resting securely

in Him.  Amen

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