I Give to You...This Time of Rest

Published on 19 February 2022 at 11:05

I Give to You...This Time of Rest Matthew 11:28

Patricia Ann, Originally posted Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Matthew 11:28 tells us:  "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." 
I love this Scripture in the Bible.
I remember a night a few months ago when I was totally exhausted. It seemed like every breath I took was labored and it was hard to even think. My only thought seemed to be my recognition that I needed to lay down and sleep because I could barely keep my eyes open.
It was sill early in the evening but I ventured off to the bedroom and fell into bed. 
I felt too tired to pray, too tired to even move. My mind was working, however, as I remember asking
Jesus, "why?  why was I so tired?" 
I didn't understand why I was tired and I was worried because I didn't think I had done so much that I should

feel so lethargic. 
My eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep, only to awaken with the most wonderful word of knowledge
from Jesus.  I was still sleepy but at the same time invigorated that Jesus had spoken to me, providing me
with the perfect answer to my question of "Why?" I felt His tenderness and His love so intensely as
His spoken words to me were,  "I am giving you this time of rest." 

I felt He was right there with me at that moment and I was resting in His presence, His love so Big and me so small. 
I smiled peacefully and thanked Him,  secure in His peace and His awesome love.
I remember trying to tell others about it when I woke the next morning. I don't know if they understood the awesomeness that I was trying to convey to them about my experience. 
I don't know if any human words can really describe the awesomeness of an encounter with Jesus. 
It's a feeling, an emotion, a presence, pure love, peace and joy -- just awesome!
I have gone to bed tired many nights since then, hoping to experience that exact same awesome feeling - that personal encounter with Jesus.
I know in my heart, however, that I don't need to experience that exact feeling again, as it will go on unchanged

in my heart forever. 
All I need to do is close my eyes - confident and secure in the words of Jesus,  "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,  and I will give you rest. "Matthew 11:28.

The words of Our Lord are forever true.
It is in that knowledge that I can forever experience Jesus and His great, awesome love and peace, love and joy
filling my time of rest; my sleep. 
I feel extremely blessed to have been touched by Jesus on that precious evening in my life. 
And I am here to share with you the Glory of His great love for each one of His children, you and me alike. 
We live in  a busy world - one that robs us of peace and joy, a world that so often robs us of a peaceful nights sleep
as we go to bed filled with the worries of the day. 
As we walk around day after day with no real rest, it becomes hard to find Jesus. 
Just as I felt too tired to pray on that night a few months ago, I went to Him with the question of "Why am I so tired?"
and He gave me a most awesome time of rest.
So even when the ways of the world get us down and we feel we have no time to rest, if we come to Him,
just as His word says...He will give us rest!
And in that time of rest, we find that just a moment spent with Jesus will stay in our heart forever.
My prayer for today is that even when we feel too tired, we remember the words of Our Lord, "Come to me...and I will

give you rest." 
I pray you find rest and forever rejoice in the knowledge that you are loved and adored by Jesus, Our Savior

in every situation.  
In His Great Name, Amen.

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