God's Window Box

Published on 8 September 2022 at 13:24

God's Window Box by patricia Ann 

In a tiny window box
God planted a seed~
That grew to special flowers
to fill each others need.
Side by side they grew~
though not at the same pace~
for they were nurtured with
 God's love
and it never was a race.
They complimented each other nicely~
each one in its own way~
and together the two of them~
made a nice bouquet.
They nurtured each other sharing
the nutrients of love~
and thankful for the seed
planted by their God above.
But one day something happened~
 to one of the seeds.
It was mishandled by a passerby~
who did not understand~
the fragility of the flower ~
or the strength of his own hand.
The flower was changed from
that day on.
The beauty it shared with the flower next to it was gone.
Someone pulled its petals off~
slowly one by one.
It know then what it had become.
It was just a stem.
It did not know who it was~
on the outside or deep within.
And so as this flower~
stood there as a stem~
the flower so delicate beside him~
just stood there looking in.
She remembered who he was~
before that dreaded day~
when that passerby
 stopped to play~
with the life of a beautiful flower~
that stood beside her
in God's bouquet.
But flowers don't live forever~
as these flowers vowed they would.
For one of the flowers died~
and there the other stood.
But not alone.
For it was God who planted the seed~
and as this flower stands there still~
It understands that
 this must also be~
a part of God's will.
You see~
 when God planted the seed~
one flower that grew was perennial
to last year after year~
and the other was an annual~ and has died~~
 -- so no more tears!
The window box is not empty~
for the flower stands there still ~
accepting of what comes her way~
accepting all God's will!
by Patricia Ann
 Copyright 2010

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