When Two Souls Collided...

Published on 8 September 2022 at 13:18

When Two Souls Collided by Patricia Ann 

They were two souls
drifting in a sea of spirituality,
each one with its own agenda,
thinking that it knew the way...

until they collided
in some higher spiritual place.

It wasn't expected.
It wasn't ever thought of.
How could it be?

These two souls
share so many similarities...

The presence of God
in deep attraction
of His ways
designed each soul
for a special purpose.

One to touch the other
in a unique and special way,
allowing each to grow
into a new enlightened soul.

Knowing a love
sweet and gentle,
with a deep feeling of belonging,
of longing to be near
that similar soul.

Two souls
drifting in a sea of spirituality
each one with its own agenda
thinking that it knew the way

until they collided
in that higher spiritual place --

Changed ... not for just a moment in time
but in God's time ...at the perfect time.


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