My Heart's Desire

Published on 17 April 2022 at 17:55

My Heart's Desire   

written by Patricia Ann

I dreamed of my heart's desire.

I always believed he was there,

somewhere In the shadows of my life,

my heart's desire.

My true love was there, somewhere.

But, wolves were lurking in those shadows, 

imitating my desires,

and in a subtle seduction of imitation, 

I fell in love with a cheap imitation of my dream 

and my life became one of screams and tantrums, 

rejection and fear.

Confusion and torment lurked in the shadows -- for years.

Then, one day I saw the light

of the truth of my heart's desire.

My true love, my heart's desire was never mere man

to be so cruel with imitation.

My true love, I found in the light 

away from all of the shadows.

My true love, the One I dreamed was my heart's desire,

who I believed was out there somewhere,

had always been so near.

I walked out of the shadows and into the light...

the magnificent light of my One true love.

My Savior, my Lord, my Jesus!

Oh, heart's desire rests

in Himself.





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