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Do you know that spirit Absolom? Luke 10:19

Luke 10:19    Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.

Do you know that spirit Absolom?

Many times we find ourselves wondering what just happened. Everything seemed to be going marvelously in your life.  Then suddenly out of nowhere it seems like your life has been sabotaged.  Someone you love says something hurtful or does something completely out of the ordinary and doesn’t even know why they said or did it.  
You feel wounded, upset at what happened and completely dumbfounded about the events that just took place. And they don’t seem to have a clue that they did anything to you.  In fact, it seems that they will twist the facts until you will feel like the blame is on you…like you caused the problem. 
If this seems too weird to you, it should. You feel like maybe you were in the twilight zone. 
I can tell you from experience that it is that spirit Absolom. 
It’s a pretend spirit, a counterfeit seeking to mimic and mock the ways of our Lord.

Only the Absolom spirit cannot truly accomplish a single thing.  It is completely lacking true Godliness.  It is a fake!  It despises Godliness and seeks to sabotage and destroy all things Godly. It operates with a religious spirit, always sounding like a religious person, even knowledgeable about Gods word, but lacking knowledge in a real true way.  It lacks the Fire of God!

Even its hosts, these people of God are not aware of this spirit operating inside of themselves. Most often they will just tell you that they don’t feel in control of themselves.  They don’t feel quite normal, but they seek to feel normal, in control. 
Absolom is a dominating spirit, bent on taking down God’s people into ruin and total destruction. The Absolom spirit feeds on people and when identified it hides for a while only to resurface when things seem to be okay.  God showed me a vision one day of this spirit.  I didn’t know it by name at that time, but God showed me a serpent like creature, long like a snake and ugly with a large head.  He would come out and feed on people’s emotions and after causing chaos and confusion, sadness or anger and pain, the spirit would retreat for a time, only to resurface again with a vengeance.

It is witchcraft for sure!

Is this  happening in your own life, in your marriage or family? Do you feel yourself feeling increasingly depressed as one whom you love dearly pushes you  away with hurtful comments and then apologizes and then in just a few days repeats hurting you all over again. 
Have you tried and tried to grasp what was going on?  This much pain and confusion can only have an evil root!  
Maybe its been weeks, months or even years that this has continued. There seems to be no end to it. 
I know Satan sits back laughing as his nasty evil workers diligently  work to divide and conquer our marriages,  ministry and our lives.  
You may wonder, how could this person whom I love so much keep hurting me?  

And that is a key part of that spirit Absolom.  It seeks to enter into your loved one, someone  close to you and it whispers negative ideas and thoughts into their mind. Before long, your best friend isn't being a best friend.  He is hurting you and seemingly without any remorse.   
You know its wrong.  You feel like you don't even know this person any more. And they aren't sure they even know or like you because they have been listening to those whispers of that spirit Absolom, the devil himself.   

Absolom comes in through sinfulness and disobedience to God's word.  That's why our God gives us His Word, the Sword of the Spirit, His Truth to rely on in our lives.  If only we don't take our focus off of our God, there will be no room for such a chaotic, destructive spirit to wreak havoc in our lives.  

I only recently discovered that it was this pretend spirit of Absolom that God showed me in the vision.  It was this spirit that was seeking to devour and divide, feeding on emotions, seeking to destroy ministries, marriages and families.  

So, what can you do?

Keep a watchful eye, as this spirit plays havoc.  Sit and I watch. Question it and  use every bit of discernment you can  find.  This evil spirit is a master at hiding, but it cannot hide from God's truth and as it seeks to lie and twist the truth it reveals itself even more.  
Eventually, that spirit Absolom will no  longer be able to hide. It may become angry to the point of yelling and violence or it may fall silent. 
It despises truth and it cannot stand the light of God, the sword of the spirit and the Holy Spirit Fire.  It cannot stand to be in the presence of God's pure love through people for one another.  As you stand firm in your faith, you can tell  it to get out of your  house, out of your marriage,  children,  ministry, out of your life!  Choose love over hatred, but do not become a victim to this nasty spirit.

Our Father's word warns us many times about wolves in sheep's clothing.  Satan is a cunning liar and seeks to destroy God's kingdom.  If given the opportunity to sneak a nasty spirit into your home, he will do it.  Satan will send legions of demons to torture and torment you, creating a confusing mess and a depressed spirit.  

Satan will use sinfulness or disobedience to our Father in Heaven, as his doorway to get into the minds of God's people so that he can whisper lies, wreak havoc and divide your family.  

Praise God for we have His authority to trample on serpents and all forms of evil. Satan is under our feet!  
Luke 10:19    Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.

Please be aware of how important it is to seek Jesus daily, to walk righteously with our Lord, obedient to His word and His ways so that no doorways are open to the evil realm. 

That evil spirit Absolom has to be called out and identified so that our people of God, our brothers and sisters will the set free and become able to operate in God’s true Fire and Presence.

Read the Scriptures, melding them into your heart, your being.  They are God's truths, our truths for living a free and powerful life filled with the Holy Spirit, God's pure love and having the power and authority to use our testimonies and discernment to set the captives free.  
I testify that through it all, when dealing with the Absolom spirit, when I fell down in tears from the torment, Jesus picked me up and set my feet on the right path, His path, and gave me courage and strength to keeping walking, keep being His warrior, filling me with Holy Spirit Fire through the battle to the end.  
I love you Jesus for giving up your life for me, for setting me free, for making me your warrior.
Father in Heaven, I sing praises to your Holy name. 

Fill me Lord. Fill me with your love, your Fire!

Fire of God! Fire of God! Fire of God! Fire of God! 

It is my prayer today that you continually fill me and others with your Fire!!

Amen and Amen.

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